Author Spotlight: David Sodergren

With the recent events being what they are right now, so many of us are struggling. People are out of work, companies and stores are closing up shop to promote social distancing & quarantining, and the future is looking uncertain for a lot of us. I believe that this is such an important time for us to come together (SAFELY, FROM A DISTANCE, IN OUR OWN HOMES!) and support one another. Community, love, and kindness can get a person through so much – believe me!

In an effort to help do what I can to bring attention to some of the folks and companies that may not be doing so hot right now, I wanted to start a little feature on my blog showcasing the people whose work brings me joy. Whether they’re authors, artists, publishers, reviewers, or creators of another kind, these dark days require a whole lot of light that I wouldn’t have if not for the stuff these folks have made. Nobody I’ll be featuring asked to be here, and I am not being paid commissions or anything like that to share them – I truly believe in what they do SO MUCH that I want to share it with all of you!

I plan for this to be a weekly (at least!) feature, and I’m very excited to share these folks, their creations, and their talents with you!

If you’ve not been hit as hard by the pandemic and are fortunate enough to be in a position where you can afford to contribute, please consider doing so. Purchase art from an independent artist, buy books from an indie author, support your favorite small publishing company. Tip your delivery drivers, remember to wash your hands, and stay safe. Be vocal with your support for the people who are being impacted, and keep in mind that we are truly all in this together!

For my first spotlight, I’m sharing an author whose books I love. I discovered David Sodergren last year through #bookstagram where quite a few of my friends were raving over his book, THE FORGOTTEN ISLAND. I’m always on the hunt for new authors, especially in the horror genre. I grabbed a copy of it online, although it took me another few months before getting around to it – which I kicked myself for after, ’cause the moment I opened it, I was pulled in and couldn’t put the book down ’til I finished!

The Forgotten Island synopsis from Goodreads:

When Ana Logan agrees to go on holiday to Thailand with her estranged sister Rachel, she hopes it will be a way for them to reconnect after years of drifting apart.
But now, stranded on a seemingly deserted island paradise with no radio and no food, reconciliation becomes a desperate fight for survival.
For when night falls on The Forgotten Island, the dark secrets of the jungle reveal themselves.
Something is watching them from the trees.
Something ancient.
Something evil.

Combining the cosmic horrors of HP Lovecraft with the grimy sensibilities of the Video Nasties, The Forgotten Island is an outrageous old-school horror novel packed with mayhem and violence

I posted a full review on that one which you can read here, but here’s a short snippet:

“This is a perfect-for-summer horror read, which are some of my favorite types of horror books to read. I love the juxtaposition of sunshine, beaches, boats, & beers against the terror of island/jungle creatures and gore. And boy, does this one have a lot of gore! Once the violence starts, it doesn’t stop, and Sodergren’s writing does the viciousness the justice it so rightly deserves. This book is honestly such a treat for horror lovers, especially those who appreciate the specific veins of sort of B-movie slasher films & creature features.”

I also finished his second book, NIGHT SHOOT, just recently – and wow! Not many authors can blow me away two books in a row, but good ol’ Dave WENT THERE! Night Shoot was just as much fun – albeit in a less tropical way, haha – and I loved it. The amount of fun I had reading both of these solidified Sodergren as a favorite author for me, and I’ll gladly auto-buy all of his future books! I’ll have a full review on Night Shoot soon, too!

Night Shoot synopsis from Goodreads:

A group of desperate student filmmakers break into Crawford Manor for an unauthorised night shoot. They have no choice. Their lead actress has quit. They’re out of time. They’re out of money.

They’re out of luck.

For Crawford Manor has a past that won’t stay dead, and the crew are about to come face-to-face with the hideous secret that stalks the halls.

Will anyone survive…the NIGHT SHOOT?

A delirious homage to the slasher movies of the 1980s, Night Shoot delivers page after page of white-knuckle terror.

Speaking of future books, he’s actually got one that’s coming out in just a few days, so this is the perfect time to get hooked on his writing! It releases on the 29th of this month, so you can either pre-order it here or snag it on release day! And how cute is this photo of the cool new book with David’s pug, Boris? He’s his official mascot, and seeing his sweet little face pop up on my feed every now and again never fails to make me smile!

Dead Girl Blues synopsis from Goodreads:

When a young woman dies in Willow Zulawski’s arms, it sets in motion a chain of events that will push her to the brink of madness.

A mysterious video is the only clue, but as Willow digs deeper into the murky world of snuff movies, those closest to her start turning up dead. Someone out there will stop at nothing to silence her.

After all, when killing is business, what’s one more dead body?

Part noir mystery, part violent slasher, Dead Girl Blues is the latest twisted shocker from David Sodergren, author of The Forgotten Island and Night Shoot.


Follow David Sodergren on Twitter, Instagram, or Goodreads!

If you’re a fan of fun horror, spooky creatures, brutal deaths, and witty dialogue, definitely check these out! What better way to spend a quarantine than reading new authors? 😀 Let me know when you read them – I’d love to hear what you thought!

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