Etsy Product Spotlight: New DIY Embroidery Kits

I love arts & crafts. I have a billion different crafty hobbies ’cause I have so much fun creating and making things, and one of my favorite more recently-acquired hobbies that I started doing over the last year has been embroidery. The different stitches and patterns you can do are so much fun, and the rush of seeing my finished embroidery projects at the end of all the time spent on them is amazing!

I got the idea to sell some of my designs as DIY Kits after they popped up on my Facebook advertisements, but was a bit nervous since I’d only been doing embroidery myself for about 6 months up to that point. Still, I wanted to spread my love of the craft with other people, so I went for it – and I’m so glad I did! Seeing the finished projects of the people who have bought kits from me is such an incredible experience – I’m so proud of every single stitch customers make!!

I wanted to spotlight some of my current kits, since I just added 3 brand new ones to the shop this month! Each kit in my shop includes everything a person needs to complete the pictured project – floss, fabric, hoop, needle, everything! You’ll also get a copy of the pattern and access to all my online resources, which are all the videos and stuff I use to learn embroidery! I have so much fun making these & love seeing them arrive to the customer’s house so much.

Here are the the new ones! You can see all my DIY Embroidery Kit Project options in my Etsy!

Bite Me – a vampire inspired design!

Frida – because I love Frida Kahlo!

May Queen – I made this one while watching Midsommar!


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