The Big Book of Horror Authors: A Coloring & Activity Book – DETAILS!

If you’ve been following me on social media this year, you may have seen me talk about this project – but hang with me while I rehash it for everyone else!

Late last year, I had the idea to create a horror author coloring book that I could make to feature some of my favorite writers and their books. I talked myself out of it, choosing to give in to my own fear and self-doubt instead of moving forward with the project. I mean, it would require me to reach out to a bunch of authors I read & looked up to, which was super scary! What if everyone just laughed at me?!

I ended up posting a little inquisitive “who would be into this idea?” on Twitter a few months into the year, and the response was OVERWHELMINGLY positive from people. When I saw that some of the authors that I was already thinking about asking were commenting in support of the idea, that did it for me – I knew I had to go for it!

This book is a huge project, and I’m looking forward to it every step of the way. A few of my biggest hurdles are out of the way – reaching out to authors, getting details and reference photos from everyone, and doing initial marketing for the project. I still have A LOT to go, but I’m so excited about everything, and so grateful to the authors and people who have supported me so far!

The book will include coloring pages that will show off each author’s portrait, plus a mini-cover or two of theirs that you can color in on their page! It’ll share some details about each author, like the books they’ve done, their social media channels, and other fun facts – like a few favorites!

The activity page portion of the book will have lots of fun things to do – everything from fill-in mad libs stories to word searches to crossword puzzles to DIY Bookshelves! I wanted to pack the book with lots of things that readers & authors alike may enjoy, and hope people have fun with it!

I’m especially looking forward to the pages at the back of the book, which will give credit to the cover artists & publishers that made these books possible, along with their website links & social channels so you can follow them!

For the last week, I’ve announced 4 authors each day on my Twitter that will be featured in the coloring book. I’m really excited to share that full list here as well!!


If you’re interested in sneak peeks of the pages and behind-the-scenes details as I go, you can subscribe to my Patreon! Otherwise, make sure you’re following me on Twitter to stay up-to-date on news about the official release of the coloring book. 🙂

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