Book Review – Dr. Herbert West & Astounding Tales of Medical Malpractice by Bruce Brown & Thomas Boatwright

Title: Dr. Herbert West & Astounding Tales of Medical Malpractice

Author: Bruce Brown (writer), Thomas Boatwright (artist)

Edition: Paperback

Page Count: 78 pages

Rating: 5 / 5 ✨✨✨

Short Summary: 

Dr. Herbert West: Re-Animator, legend, genius… and childhood menace? In this spine-tingling tale, young Herbert creates a botched serum which cause the dead to walk the streets in search of Johnny Cakes. Together with his sister Elizabeth and the Dean of Arkham University they must stop the zombie army before they run out of cakes and start eating townsfolk!


I love some of our #NightWormsBookParty books SO much, and this one is NO EXCEPTION! I’m a huge fan of comic books in general, and although I love horror-related ones, I managed to somehow not know about this until our party!! Huge thanks to the Night Worms organizers, the publisher (Arcana Studio), as well as the author for this review copy!

DR. HERBERT WEST & ASTOUNDING TALES OF MEDICAL MALPRACTICE tells a fun little story about what the infamous reanimator would have been like as a child, and what sort of shenanigans he might have gotten himself into at the time.

I loved EVERYTHING about this! The two children main characters are adorable, and their banter and narration are witty and fun to read. The art style is really fun, and the colorful palette for the entire story really made this a stellar read. This was pure adventure from start to finish, and so much fun along the way.

This is a perfect book to read with your kids or younger siblings/family members – it’d even be fun to bring to a classroom, provided the kids are old enough to have fun with a zombie story, of course!

5 stars for this, and I’m hopeful that there may be other books like it, ’cause the ending was definitely open enough for a sequel! I’d love to read more of this, and spend a bit more time with the gorgeous art between the pages! This is going to be one of my top reads of the year – it was just so much FUN!!

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