Book Review – Rites of Extinction by Matt Serafini

Title: Rites of Extinction

Author: Matt Serafini

Edition: Paperback

Page Count: 150 pages

Rating: 5 / 5 ✨✨✨

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I’m honestly a sucker for a cool cover, so when I saw RITES making the rounds on social media, I was instantly intrigued by the bold colors and bleeding eye. I read the back-of-the-book synopsis, and even read a few reviews from my friends on Goodreads and Instagram – none with any spoilers, but I wanted to get a general idea of how the book was being received among fellow reviewers whose opinions usually lined up with mine. Noting that they were overwhelmingly favorable, I was eager to jump in.

Despite what I thought I knew about the story, this one managed to take me by complete surprise. After finishing the book, I immediately flipped back to the first few chapters and realized that there were little nods along the way hinting to the events that would unfold later, but I completely missed it the first time around – and I love that! I’d highly recommend going into this one without any spoilers or too much information if you’re able to!

Following private investigator Rebecca Daniels on her journey of revenge against her daughter’s murderer, I found myself completely absorbed and compelled by her situation. As our main character and the person that we spend a majority of the book with, it’s important that Rebecca be relatable and worth empathizing with so that we aren’t put off by her or questioning her drive and motives on her quest for payback. Serafini does an excellent job on both of those fronts with his writing, and I found myself feeling at times sad, angry, and fearful for this grieving mother after losing her child. Even as someone without children, the idea of losing one – especially to something as brutal as murder – is heartbreaking.

With this being my first book by the author, I wasn’t familiar with what his writing would be like – every author has a specific sort of ‘voice’, and not every writer’s voice meshes well with every reader. I’m very happy to say that I loved Serafini’s, and have already picked up 2 of his other books because of how much I enjoyed my reading experience. The writing is sharp and succinct, the words chosen carefully and used to convey only what the author wants – no frills, just story! I think letting the story speak for itself through Serafini’s specific type of writing really adds to the impact of the book’s ending, and make this one such a powerful read in so few pages.

If you’re looking for something short, fast-paced, but not at all lacking in punch, check RITES OF EXTINCTION out – it’s brutal in the best way, and it isn’t a novella I’ll soon forget!

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