My July 2020: What I Did, What I Read, What I Watched, What I Played

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to sit down and write an actual monthly wrap-up. I’ve spent a lot of time recently trying to maintain a lot of different things against my better judgement, and this week, recently cut out one of the biggest drains on my mental health – and I’m so happy to say that the relief I feel is incredible

July was an absolute fucking whirlwind for me, friends. I came forward at the very end of June about sexual harassment I experienced from an author, and was shortly followed by 10 other women to come forward about the same gross behavior, (or worse). I was met with backlash from people within the horror community that I respected, and other people doubled down in defense of certain things that should be indefensible – both of which were exhausting experiences from me on their own, but were followed by even more digital harassment by the very person whom I’d been coming forward against.

It was really difficult, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent a good chunk of the month either very anxious, or very sad.

That said, there were several bright spots as well for me, and I don’t want to make them seem any less by focusing on the negative. A group of people that cared about me chipped in to help me buy some new art supplies so I could help deal with some of the bad stuff I was feeling, which was so incredibly appreciated and one of the kindest things people have ever done for me! I was able to create new art using a new medium for the very first time – epoxy resin! And I even started selling a few special, very limited resin items in my shop, which has been exciting all on its own. I also got some great news regarding an upcoming anthology I’ll be talking more about soon, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

I spent a lot of time reflecting on the people around me, and my relationships with the people I’ve gotten to know since joining the community. I have this habit of putting people on pedestals who don’t deserve to be there, and when they show their true colors, it’s always a tough lesson for me to learn how badly I’ve misjudged someone – it’s painful and even a little humiliating in a way, to realize you thought better of someone that didn’t deserve your good faith. I can’t stress enough to anyone reading this how important it is to support the friends you have who have been hurt, and believe them when they try to talk about it. It’s never okay to sweep things under the rug, to ask women to be quiet, to make them feel as if the way they’re dealing with their situations or trauma isn’t okay. It’s hurtful, and it’s not right.

This is a bit heavy for a monthly recap on a blog, I know, but something I spend a great deal of my time in life doing is trying to avoid deeply upsetting memories of abuse and trauma from my past and my childhood. A lot of the things that have gone on recently have stirred those painful memories up in ways that I did not expect would happen when I first came forward about my situation – possibly due to my own naivete, I will admit, but regardless, it’s made the last month in an already pretty awful year so much harder than it needed to be. I can never thank the people who have made it easier for me enough for their kindnesses, their friendship, and their loyalty. In all of this, the silver lining has truly been knowing who my allies are, and even making some new ones along the way.

I am so incredibly grateful for the people that I have in my corner, and for the lessons I’ve learned through this. That said, I’m hoping that August is a little less eventful for me! 😉

Blog Posts from the Month:

🌈 My Summer TBR: Horror Fun in the Sun!

🌈 Book Review: Rites of Extinction by Matt Serafini

🌈 Book List: 30 Novella Recommendations for Readers Short on Time

🌈 Book Review: Benny Rose, the Cannibal King by Hailey Piper

🌈 Book Review: Seeing Things by Sonora Taylor

🌈 Book List: 5 Coming-of-Age Horror Recommendations for Fans of Stephen King’s IT

🌈 Book Review: Unboxed by Briana Morgan

🌈 Book Review: The House that Fell from the Sky by Patrick Delaney

🌈 Book Review: Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare

🌈 Book Review: Hunger on the Chisholm Trail by M. Ennenbach


What I Read:

🌈 UNBOXED by Briana Morgan 

🌈 SEEING THINGS by Sonora Taylor 

🌈 CIRQUE BERSERK by Jessica Guess 


🌈 CROSSROADS by Laurel Hightower 

🌈 HELL’S BELLS by Lisa Quigley

🌈 SHARP OBJECTS [Audiobook] by Gillian Flynn


🌈 YELLOW JESSAMINE by Caitlin Starling


What I Watched:

🌈 Hamilton

🌈 Shark Night

🌈 The Beach House

🌈 Temple

🌈 Silent Hill: Revelation

🌈 American Horror Story: Apocalypse

🌈 American Horror Story: 1984

🌈 Hell House, LLC

🌈 Hell House LLC II: The Abbadon Hotel

🌈 Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire

🌈 The Room

🌈 Blood Quantum

🌈 Bliss

🌈 Palm Springs

🌈 Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street

🌈 Child’s Play

🌈 47 Meters Down: Uncaged

🌈 47 Meters Down

🌈 Crawl

🌈 Underwater

🌈 Cabin Fever

🌈 Liar, Liar

🌈 Casablanca

🌈 Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

🌈 A Goofy Movie

🌈 The Walking Dead: Seasons 1 & 2

🌈 Host


What I Played

🌈 Fran Bow (Steam)

🌈 Death and Taxes (Steam)

🌈 House Party (Steam)

🌈 Planet Coaster (Steam)

🌈 Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo Switch)

🌈 Planet Zoo (Steam)

🌈 Jurassic World Evolution (Steam)

🌈 Eastshade (Steam)

🌈 Cluedo (Steam)

🌈 The Walking Dead (Telltale Games Series) (Steam)

🌈 Wind Peaks (Steam)

🌈 Sea of Thieves (Steam)


Photos from the Month:

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