The Tricker-Treater and Other Stories: The Kickstarter & Exclusive Bookmark Design

Can I just say how blessed I am to have such incredibly creative and talented people in my life? Holy wow!

My amazing friend Briana Morgan recently launched a Kickstarter to fund her very own horror short story collection, and I’m so excited about it that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it on my blog! If you haven’t already, check out this review of her most recent release (which only just came out this year, too – she is a powerhouse of productive, creative energy, folks!).

In The Tricker-Treater and Other Stories (TTAOS), you’ll encounter monsters, eerie locales, urban legends reimagined, the dark side of humanity, complicated relationships, blood, love, and so much more.

TTAOS Kickstarter

And can we take a second to appreciate this STUNNING cover done by Kealan Patrick Burke of Elderlemon Design? It’s so beautiful – LOVE those colors so much, oh my gosh!!

The Kickstarter has actually reached its goal, which is AWESOME!! But there are even more rewards to be had by folks if higher goal amounts are hit by future backers, including another teaser from the collection to read, art from the talented Trevor Henderson, and a brand new resin bookmark specifically designed for this book’s Kickstarter! You won’t be able to get this matching bookmark anywhere else, so I’d highly recommend backing Bri’s project for these cool rewards (and the book itself, of course, which I personally CANNOT WAIT to read in its entirety, omg!!).

Don’t miss out on these, they’re only for backers and they’ll look so pretty next to the book once it arrives!! Back Bri’s Kickstarter HERE, or by using this link:

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