Book Review – Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young

Title: Sky in the Deep

Author: Adrienne Young

Edition: Hardcover

Page Count: 340 pages


Marketed as being part Wonder Woman, part ‘Vikings’, Sky in the Deep is about seventeen-year-old Eelyn, a fierce warrior and member of the Aska tribe. She has a deep sense of honor and pride, and most of her actions and thoughts are fueled by these things. The Aska are in a long standing war against another clan called the Riki, and during one particular battle, Eelyn sees something impossible – her dead brother, fighting alongside her enemy.

A lot of this book was action packed, but I will admit that it slowed down somewhat in the middle. Despite that, I enjoyed it a lot – Eelyn’s character was as brutal as she should have been considering her circumstances, and I loved the familial bond between not just Eelyn and her father/brother, but between Iri and his ‘new family’ as well. The supporting Riki characters (Inge, Halvard) were really endearing, and gave me something to be invested in other than Eelyn herself.

I tend to sometimes struggle with YA because of how heavily it focuses on the romance – even in YA fantasy, sci-fi, horror (places you wouldn’t necessarily expect an ENORMOUS focus on long, slow, lingering looks, etc) – and I was really pleased that I managed to get through just over half of this one without a hint of teenage love. Eelyn is a warrior, and when romance does start to enter the picture, it isn’t done in a way that cheapens how fierce she is, or how violent other parts of the story are. I enjoyed it a lot!

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3 thoughts on “Book Review – Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young

  1. This book seems so cool!! I’m glad that romance doesn’t take up too much of a part of the book — that’s the biggest problem I have with YA novels as well. sooo much romance when there doesn’t have to be!!!

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