The Big Book of Horror Authors: A Coloring & Activity Book – Full Details and Release Date!

Are your coloring supplies ready? 🖍️

I’m so excited to be able to finally share the full details & release date for the project I’ve spent the whole year working on. When I had the idea to make a coloring & activity book that would shine a spotlight on some of my favorite names in the “indie horror” community, I had no idea how big of an undertaking it would be. I’ve never published a book, and had no idea how much of a pain in the butt it’d be to format these, holy smokes! 😂 After many nights up late and yelling at my computer while saving files that started as “_Final” and led to “_Final_V23_FINAL_REVISEDFINAL_FINISHED” (I wish I were joking! 😂), I finally got the proof copy of this little guy in, and wow!!

Seeing the product of months and months of work is such an awesome feeling, and I’m so happy because the final result of this project has led to something even greater than I could have imagined initially! When I first decided to do this, I only had the idea to create a fun little coloring book with maybe 20 pages of author’s faces done as line art illustrations. Over time, that simple idea morphed into so much more. I’m very grateful to the featured authors for contributing their faces to the project, and so thankful to every person who has supported me & my creative endeavors so far!!

For the first time publicly, I’m very happy to finally announce the full details of what you can expect in The Big Book of Horror Authors: A Coloring & Activity Book, which will officially be available to order on AUGUST 31st!

🖍️ 20+ author coloring pages featuring: each author drawn as half monster/half human, their website & social media info, some featured reading recommendations by them, and a few fun facts about each person! There will be clowns, werewolves, vampires, and more!

🖍️ 10+ activity pages themed after the featured authors & their books, with fun stuff to do like: crossword puzzles, word searches, DIY bookshelves, matching games, connect-the-cover-art-dots to showcase a few cover artists, and more!

🖍️ 40 recommended publishers to check out specializing in horror & speculative dark fiction!

🖍️ 25+ recommended cover artists & illustrators working in the horror genre!

The full list of amazing authors who I worked with for this project is below! So many wonderfully talented writers, and I’m so lucky to have this chance to show ’em off in my own little creepy drawn way!!


RELEASE DATE: AUGUST 31st at 10 AM Pacific Time!

There will be limited numbers of these printed at a time, so if you know you want a copy, please make sure to set an alarm for launch day!! I want these in as many hands as possible, so if you don’t get them on this first run, there should be another printing sometime around the holidays!!

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