Coming in September: Coloring Books, Coffins, & Coasters – Oh My!

If you follow me on social media, you’ve been hearing quite a bit about my upcoming birthday month product launch ’cause I’ve sort of been talking about it… a lot! 😂 I’m super excited for the new stuff coming, and thought a quick little blog post featuring everything coming would be helpful for people who are planning to visit the shop once everything goes live!

So here’s what’s coming to my Etsy shop on Monday, August 31st, check below!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I run and fund my entire shop alone, along with the help from my Patreon subscribers. This means that I can only offer my products in very limited quantities at a time. If you know you want something coming to the shop, please make sure you set an alarm / reminder for the day & time!

My coasters were gone in 20 minutes the last time I launched them; my bookmarks were gone within 5 hours. I want to get these to as many people as possible but I’m just not able to produce large amounts, so please keep yourselves updated!!

The Big Book of Horror Authors: A Coloring & Activity Book

My coloring book is OFFICIALLY READY TO GO ON SALE! I’ll have it in the shop along with all my new resin goodies!


Rainbow Space Coasters!

I’ll have several sets of 4, and a couple sets of 2 available! Your choice of silver or gold edges!

Resin Bookmarks – NEW Designs!!

I’ve made a few more color combinations to release for this launch! I have my original Petrified Rainbow bookmarks, along with some new ones: Petrified Gore, Magic, Fire, and Poison! All will be available in two size options: large or small! And they come with black tassels, too!


Rainbow Coffin Jewelry Boxes / Stash Boxes / Knick Knack Boxes

These are one-of-a-kind, completely unique, and feature a cool drippy tie-dye effect throughout! They’ve got about 4 inches long of space inside, so they’re pretty roomy – perfect for small knick-knacks, jewelry, crystals, drying herbs, and more!


Rainbow Galactic Keychains

These are made in honor of my blog & brand! This little rocket ship is my official mascot now, and I love him. I have one of these on my own set of keys, and looove it!

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