The Spooks and Tea Readathon!

My pal Lauren over at Northern Plunder is co-hosting another fun readathon this year all through October, and I’m so excited to be joining in! Some details are below, but head over to the original announcement post for more on how to participate!

The readathon will have two fun components – a Bingo Board (with prompts for the books we’ll be reading), as well as some Photo Challenge Prompts for folks that love showing off their books!

Spooks and Tea Bingo Board - reading prompts (included within blog post)

Readathon Prompts & What I’m Reading:

The official prompts for the challenge are below, and I’m working them into what I’d already planned on reading with a few minor adjustments. I was a little loose with some of them (does Bigfoot count as ‘paranormal’? Are characters wondering if a spooky magical girl is a witch really enough to say the book features witches? Ehhh), but I’m happy with my choices & am excited to read – and that’s what’s important, yay!

A book with autumnal vibes | Halloween Season by Lucy A. Snyder
A horror book that was recommended to you | Night of the Mannequins by Stephen Graham Jones
A book with paranormal creatures | The Easton Falls Massacre: Bigfoot’s Revenge by Holly Rae & Ryan Garcia
Reread a spooky old favorite | The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury
A book featuring witches | Whisper of Death by Christopher Pike (for Episode 2 of The PikeCast!)
A LGBTQ+ horror book | Osgood As Gone by Cooper S. Beckett
A horror book by an author of color | Hairpspray and Switchblades by V. Castro
A horror book you love the cover of | Captain Clive’s Dreamworld by Jon Bassoff
A book featuring something you’re afraid of | Cradleland of Parasites by Sara Tantlinger

Spooks and Tea photo prompts instagram challenge

Photo Challenge Prompts:

1st: TBR STACK | take a photo of your spooky TBR for October
3rd: FRIGHT NIGHT | a book or book cover featuring something you’re afraid of
8th: LET ME IN | a new spooky book you’d recommend
10th: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY | take a photo of a book featuring paranormal creatures (vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc)
15th: SPOOKS & TEA | a photo of your current read with our best Halloween mug or hot drink
17th: BLIND BOOK | a horror novel that was a cover buy
22nd: SPOOKY SEASON | a photo featuring seasonal props or taken outdoors
24th: OLD HAUNT | an old favorite spooky read
29th: COVEN GOALS | which book characters would be in your coven? take a photo of the books they’re in!
31st: SPELL LIST | use the books you’ve read in October to create a book spine spell list (book spine poetry)

There’s also a giveaway and book club, so definitely check out the original announcement post and read through it for the full details! I’m so excited to participate, and really looking forward to a spooky month of horror reading!!

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