5 Spooky Books Featuring Terrifying Technology

What are your favorite tropes in horror? I love when technology either goes bad, or acts as a vessel for spooky stuff to happen. Haunted telephones, games only playable on the ‘dark web’, killer podcasts, and more – I love when modern technology especially plays a big part in a story! Futuristic stuff can be cool, too, but for this list I focused on a few books that gave me the creeps using technology available and popular now.

What are your favorite spooky reads featuring modern technology? Here are 5 of mine, just in time for the creepiest day of the year – Halloween!

1) GHOSTER by Jason Arnopp

I had no idea what was going on in a majority of this, and I loved it – spooky happenings in an apartment, stuff going bump in the night, technology being unreliable and terrifying. Enjoying this one made me buy Arnopp’s other book, THE LAST DAYS OF JACK SPARKS, and I’m looking forward to reading that one soon!

2) THE GIRL IN THE VIDEO by Michael David Wilson

I’ve been vocal about this being one of my all-time favorite covers ever, ISN’T IT GORGEOUS? This is a super creepy, quick read, too! If creepy girls on the internet are your jam, you’ll love this one. I hadn’t read anything by the author at this point, and this one definitely sold me on grabbing more by him in the future!

3) SCANLINES by Todd Keisling

This is one of the spookiest of the bunch, and I’ve found myself thinking of it several times since finishing! What if you saw something you shouldn’t have seen online, and it started following you everywhere you went? Haunting you? I’m nervous enough to click links online, and this book just amped that paranoia up by a bunch!! I loved it!

4) UNBOXED by Briana Morgan

Unboxed is super unique, told completely in the form of a play. I love this different take on your normal short story / novella-sized book, and since I hadn’t read any horror plays before, I was really excited & pushed this up on my TBR as soon as it arrived. No regrets! I binged it in a single sitting, and love the way Briana tells this spooky tale about a paranormal vlogger with ambitions larger than he bargained for.

5) TRANSFER by Terry M. West

I’d heard Terry’s name in the horror community a few times, but this was my first book by him. After finishing it, I immediately wanted to read more – it was that good! When two coworkers who spend their shifts editing shot footage (from weddings, etc) find a spooky tape & play it, everything goes terribly wrong. The cover is stellar on this one, and the fast pace and spooky scenes had me flipping the pages fast enough to almost give myself paper cuts!

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