🎁 The Let’s Get Galactic Holiday 2020 Gift Guide! 🎁

Holiday season is upon us, folks! I know that 2020 has been rough in many ways for all of us, so I’ve been trying extra hard to focus on my favorite parts of the upcoming holiday season this year: chillier weather, warm blankets & sweaters, hot chocolate, Christmas decorations (including lots of lights, yay!), and spending the holiday season with my little family at home!

If you’re anything like me, you leave gift buying until… well, kind of the last minute, oops! I love buying gifts but am SO BAD about wanting to spoil the surprises that I have to force myself not to get things too early, or else I’ll try giving someone their gift in November! 😂

This year, I wanted to try putting a little gift guide together for anyone who may be wanting to support small businesses this holiday season by shopping for their gifts from indie artists/creators/sellers! I’ve released so many new things over the year (guess I have quarantine to thank for that, right? Silver lining!), and I LOVE the idea of folks getting art prints, books, or other rainbow goodies wrapped up nicely for gift exchange time!

Click here for your full 2020 Holiday Gift Guide PDF!

The photos & links are all clickable, and should take you to corresponding shop pages! 🥰 This is my first ever gift guide, and I worked so hard on it!! I hope it helps anyone who may be holiday shopping for their rainbow / horror / pop culture adoring loved ones!!

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