25+ of the Best Movies I Watched in 2020

I mentioned in this long, rambling post that I’d be making some changes around here, and this post is the start! I’ve made “Top 10” themed lists for movies I’ve loved in the past, but since I plan to introduce a lot more film / video game content to my blog moving forward, I thought this recap from last year would be fun!

I finally got around to looking at my Letterboxd account to see all the movies I watched since I started tracking midway into the year. Although I can’t remember watching much before that, co-hosting a movie club through the pandemic and cultivating a community during quarantine were excellent ways to get more involved in movie watching, and I’ve been tracking ever since!

Although not everything on this list was released in 2020, they are all movies I saw – most for the first time – in 2020. There are loads more in my saved queues on various streaming sites, so I’m sure the end of 2021 will include even more! 😉

Did we watch & love any of the same ones? Let me know!! If there are any I missed that you’d recommend, I’d love to know that, too! And you can follow me on Letterboxd here!!

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5 thoughts on “25+ of the Best Movies I Watched in 2020

  1. OMG I have never stopped thinking about Blake Lively’s wardrobe in A Simple Favor. And hopefully I never will.

    There are a lot of great movies on here, and a handful of things I haven’t seen yet (but all stuff I want to).

  2. The only movies listed here I’ve seen are Romeo + Juliet (ages ago when it first came out lol) and A Simple Favor, the latter of which was such a surprise. I really enjoyed it.

    I haven’t been watching anything new with a plot for like at least a year, just don’t have the brain capacity.

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