Book Review – Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy by Hailey Piper

“I’m not a chainsaw kind of girl, but her teeth sure are pretty when they catch the sunshine.”

Single author collections tend to be hit or miss for me, because even when I absolutely love the author’s work in a longer format, sometimes the shorter versions just don’t work for my brain and attention span. Sometimes when they do work, there’s still the chance that I’ll get lost along the way somewhere while reading, with no cohesive vision or theme or voice to keep me tethered to the pages.

With Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy, I went into it knowing my track record with these sorts of collections, and decided to go for it anyway – and I’m so glad I did. This is such a varied collection of stories, with 18 in total making up the full book. Many of the stories here deal with themes of identity, queerness, and sexuality, and Hailey doesn’t shy away from the use of body horror to achieve some incredibly intense and horrifying visuals with her writing on these themes – truly, some of these things will stick with me forever, I’m sure.

The range in this collection & in Hailey’s writing is unbelievable; I’m honestly convinced that she can do no wrong at this point – her talent is unmatched. She has a unique perspective and a unique mind, and she blends them together with this natural sort of otherworldly, terrifying brilliance that blows me away every time I read anything new she’s written.

This is an incredible collection, one you won’t want to miss! If you’re already a fan of Hailey, this will not disappoint at all. If you’re new to her work, this is a great variety of stories to introduce you to her powerful written voice.

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