Book Review – Cats of the Pacific Northwest by J.W. Donley

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and that’s exactly the type of situation David and his girlfriend find themselves in on a spontaneous backpacking trip gone wrong. Alone and starving, the two begin losing all hope when they find something strange lurking in the woods – or, rather, when it finds them!

Creepy and disquieting, CATS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST is written with a sinister lyricism that seeps the story in a compelling atmosphere of horror and magic. I won’t be forgetting this one soon!

The addition of illustrations in this were a really nice touch – props to the artist! I loved seeing their interpretation of the forest and the characters, with each drawing being nicely stylized and a great accompaniment to the story itself.

Overall, would highly recommend for anyone looking for a quick read that’ll give them a nice mix that’s a little bit fairy tale, and a little bit freaky!

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