#JunjiJanuary Readathon: All Junji Ito, All January!


Who else loves starting off their new year with a “book bang” – ie, reading a bunch in January with all your new year’s motivation, so you can burn yourself out by February and spend the next two months barely able to read more than a few pages at a time?  🙋 It can’t be just me, can it? lol

Every year, I read so many books in January so I can start off on the “right foot” with my reading goals, and then inevitably end up overtaxing myself with thick tomes I should’ve paced myself better through – looking at you, worn copy of IT by Stephen King, Ye Great Mythical Beast of 1000+ Pages that I slayed/read in *checks notes* 9.5 days in early 2020! 🎈😅

In 2022, I want to try something a little different. I’m going to be dedicating the entire month to reading as many Junji Ito books as I can, and this is for a few Very Important Reasons:

  1. Comics are quicker & easier to read, so you can get through ’em fast without overwhelming yourself with hundreds of thousands of words at a time. This way, you’ll start the year off with lots of great stuff to read & talk about without having to burn yourself out.
  2. October – December are my favorite months; I love the creepy & Christmas-y seasons so much, so what better way to extend those cold, spooky vibes into the new year and January than by dedicating an entire month to a super weird & scary bunch of books?
  3. Honestly, “#JunjiJanuary” just flows so well. I said it in a joking way to my boyfriend whole looking at my stack of upcoming TBR books, and then we just stared for a second, and he said, “Hey, that’s a really good idea!” And so it began!

If you want to join either on Twitter or Instagram, all you have to do is share your books with the #JunjiIto hashtag!! You can also tag me so I’m sure not to miss it if you want, too! You can read the books that are brand new to you, or ones you’ve read and loved before – it doesn’t matter! All reading is good here, so grab a book & go for it!

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