Book Review – When the Reckoning Comes by LaTanya McQueen

‘“What are you?” the boy had asked and not, “What are you supposed to be?”‘

Horror has always been a genre where true grief and trauma can be explored through ghosts and other metaphors, and I think social commentary in the horror genre specifically is so important when it’s used with intention and care. This had some really tough moments to read, but it was so well done – applause to the author for such a compelling story!

When Mira and her friend Jesse were young, they ventured into the woods onto abandoned property and saw something that haunts them for the next 10+ years. In the present day, the two return to the scene of the incident for their third friend’s wedding, expecting to put the horrors of the past behind new memories of celebration. Instead, they find out what was really awakened that day when they were kids, and how much stronger it’s become in the time since – and how hungry for revenge.

The storyline in this one isn’t super linear, which can make it a little difficult to follow at times. There are things mentioned in the beginning of the story that aren’t fully revealed until the very end, and with a lot happening in between without a reason to connect them together, I did find that I found myself wanting a little more midway through the book. There were some extremely graphic, horrifying scenes of abuse, rape, and mistreatment, and I’m definitely not saying I want more of that – I just wish there had been maybe a few more scenes with ghosts, or even with just some creepy stuff happening to Mira before the big stuff really begins to kick off.

Thank you to the Ladies of Horror Fiction monthly readalong for being the reason I picked this one up, because I loved it!


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