My name is Cassie.

Welcome to my blog! 

I lived most of my life in Florida but moved across the country toward the end of 2016 and currently reside in northern California. It’s beautiful and a lot less humid than I’m used to – although I would probably like to end up somewhere with a snowy winter! Aside from these two spots in the country, I’ve also lived in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Colorado. California is definitely my favorite so far, although I miss Disney World like crazy!

For hobbies, I love drawing, painting, bullet journaling, tarot, sci-fi, hanging out with my dogs, baking, playing video games,  playing the same 5 songs I loved in high school on repeat til everyone nearby hates me, embroidery, reading and collecting both comic books & normal books, movies — also, coffee. I love lots and lots of coffee! 🙂

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid (see 3 year old Cassie below!), but only started painting within the last few years. I like picking up random new things I haven’t tried before, and watercolors ended up being one that I really loved – so it stuck! Since I started painting, I’ve done commissions for people, and have opened my own Etsy shop for my prints & bookmarks! I also make resin art, and lots more. I’m still a little shocked anytime anyone wants to pay me for art, to be honest with you!


My blog is a combination of the things I’m most passionate about – currently, that’s mostly books, with some movies & video games thrown in! You may also see lots of puppies around – I have a little family of 3 dogs and love them with my whole heart – as well as general updates & photos about my life.

I love reading probably more than any other hobby. I taught myself to read at 3-years-old, and haven’t stopped since! My favorite genres are horror, sci-fi, fantasy, classics & YA. I can’t narrow down a favorite author or book (because I love too many!), but I’m always happy to provide recommendations to anyone!


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