An Important Update


As some of you may know, a couple of years ago, I shared unwanted sexual messages sent to me via Instagram from a horror author, Matthew Hayward.

In February of this year, I was served with paperwork letting me know that I was being sued by Hayward for $2.5 million dollars in a court hundreds of miles from where I live, claiming that I had defamed him by saying he was a sexual harasser.

I can’t stress how upsetting or anxiety-inducing this situation was for me. I have very little money, no legal experience, and had no idea what my options were. I spent weeks making phone calls, all but begging people to meet with me or offer some sort of guidance on what I should do. With some help, I was extremely lucky to eventually secure pro-bono counsel.

I haven’t been able to speak about this while the case was ongoing, but this week, the court granted my “Anti-SLAPP” motion to strike Hayward’s complaint, dismissing the case. 

For those as unaware as I was, from, “Anti-SLAPP laws are intended to prevent people from using courts, and potential threats of a lawsuit, to intimidate people who are exercising their First Amendment rights.”

I am so incredibly thankful for the judge & court’s decision in dismissing this case, and to my attorneys for working as hard as they have on this with me.

I would also like to extend my thanks to the folks who helped me fund the court filing fees before I was able to secure my official counsel earlier this year. I wasn’t able to explain why I needed help at that time, but so many of you were willing to do what you could anyway – whether through financial help or just offered emotional support, and it means so much.

Thank you,


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