Book Review – Come Closer by Sara Gran

This was my #LadiesFirst21 choice for Ladies of Horror Fiction’s first reading challenge of the year, and whoa! What a great way to start off my reading in 2021! I love subtle, quiet horror – it can be difficult for a story to nail, often edging into “too subtle” territory where not enough happens, andContinue reading “Book Review – Come Closer by Sara Gran”

Book Review – Saltblood by T.C. Parker

When I picked up this book, I thought I was getting a spooky island-based horror mystery – and I did, just so we’re clear! But what I didn’t expect to get was corporate conspiracy, social/political commentary relevant to the real world right now, and a cast of morally gray women that I’d absolutely fall inContinue reading “Book Review – Saltblood by T.C. Parker”

Book Review – Into the Forest and All the Way Through by Cynthia Pelayo

“Into the forest and all the way through, I ask you to follow my voice.” This is a hard book for me to write about, as probably made evident by the fact that it took me nearly 2 months to read, and then almost 4 more to write a review on it. I want toContinue reading “Book Review – Into the Forest and All the Way Through by Cynthia Pelayo”

25 of the Best Books I Read in 2020

2020 was a hell year, so I’m going to forgive myself for not being able to keep up with everything that came out throughout the year. I read as much as I could focus on, and am still pretty proud of my total – 102 books read, and over 20,000 pages! I’m hoping to read evenContinue reading “25 of the Best Books I Read in 2020”

Book Review – Helena by Claire L. Smith

“I only talk with the dead, and they’re the best at keeping secrets.” I love period stories, especially with horror leanings, so it’s no surprise that this one about Helena Morrigan, a mortician struggling to pay her bills in the 1800s, peaked my interest. In addition to her financial woes, Helena also struggles with ghostsContinue reading “Book Review – Helena by Claire L. Smith”

Introducing… Rosie Paints With Ghosts: My First Spooky Children’s Book!

I’m so excited for this!! I’m finally sharing the character design for Rosie, the star of my upcoming 2021 spooky kid’s book! Rosie is a seven-year-old girl who loves plants, books, and painting! After bedtime one night, Rosie accidentally stumbles into a whole new world inhabited by ghosts. Making friends along the way, Rosie discoversContinue reading “Introducing… Rosie Paints With Ghosts: My First Spooky Children’s Book!”

My 2020 Wrap-Up: Surviving &Thriving in a Hell Year

I can’t believe we’re officially out of 2020! I know that starting a new year doesn’t automatically fix everything that’s not going well in the world or in our lives right away, but taking a few moments to appreciate surviving a year that was viewed by the majority has one of the hardest we’ve seenContinue reading “My 2020 Wrap-Up: Surviving &Thriving in a Hell Year”

My Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2021

2020 has been a rough year for everyone, am I right? That said, I have to give credit where it’s due and be honest – the books have been amazing! So many great releases came out this year, and I’ve honestly not even been able to fully keep up – although I have managed to stay onContinue reading “My Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2021”

My Goals For 2021: Writing, Reading, Reviewing, and Art!

This year has had so many ups and downs! A lot of the things I had on my to-do list for 2020 goal-wise unfortunately didn’t work out, just because the pandemic sort of thwarted my ability to do things like save a lot of money, travel, etc. I did manage to accomplish A LOT thatContinue reading “My Goals For 2021: Writing, Reading, Reviewing, and Art!”

10 Movie Sequels I Liked More Than the Originals

The idea for this post came up ages ago, but I didn’t get around to writing it until now. I can’t remember who I was arguing with about sequels not all being terrible, but it prompted this list, so to them I am grateful! Thanks, mystery friend. Sorry my memory is awful! 🙂 I loveContinue reading “10 Movie Sequels I Liked More Than the Originals”