Book Review – The Strange Tale of Miss Victoria Frank by Kelly Evans

I absolutely love historical fiction, especially when it involves characters from real history whose lives I find very interesting. Nikola Tesla is one of those people for me, with his inventions and visions of what could be setting him apart from a lot of people from his time. From movies to even other fiction, IContinue reading “Book Review – The Strange Tale of Miss Victoria Frank by Kelly Evans”

Book Review – The Worm and His Kings by Hailey Piper

“They were dangerous because they were too high on their own fantasies to think straight, and no one would question them.” I’ll be the first person to admit that I’m not a huge consumer of media that’d fall within the ‘cosmic horror’ sphere; that isn’t to say that I don’t like the subgenre, but myContinue reading “Book Review – The Worm and His Kings by Hailey Piper”

Book Review – Food Fright by Nico Bell

How many times can I go on and on about how much I love Unnerving’s REWIND OR DIE series before someone yells at me to shut up? ‘Cause I love it, and that love grows stronger with each entry in the series that I start, expecting to just read a few pages of, only toContinue reading “Book Review – Food Fright by Nico Bell”

🎁 The Let’s Get Galactic Holiday 2020 Gift Guide! 🎁

Holiday season is upon us, folks! I know that 2020 has been rough in many ways for all of us, so I’ve been trying extra hard to focus on my favorite parts of the upcoming holiday season this year: chillier weather, warm blankets & sweaters, hot chocolate, Christmas decorations (including lots of lights, yay!), and spendingContinue reading “🎁 The Let’s Get Galactic Holiday 2020 Gift Guide! 🎁”

5 Spooky Books Featuring Terrifying Technology

What are your favorite tropes in horror? I love when technology either goes bad, or acts as a vessel for spooky stuff to happen. Haunted telephones, games only playable on the ‘dark web’, killer podcasts, and more – I love when modern technology especially plays a big part in a story! Futuristic stuff can beContinue reading “5 Spooky Books Featuring Terrifying Technology”

Book Review – The Hereafter Bytes by Vincent Scott

“Normality is subjective.” Anyone who has been following my blog for awhile knows that while I lean heavily into the horror genre, there are sprinklings here and there of others that I love as well, with science fiction being a huge one that I grew up enjoying. Give me a well-told story set in theContinue reading “Book Review – The Hereafter Bytes by Vincent Scott”

Top 10: Favorite Movies from the 90s

There’s a pretty huge list of things I ‘like’; I’d definitely say I was easy to please media wise (picky af eater though, let me tell you!), but I do have specific favorites. Of them all, the 90s as a whole is probably somewhere in the Top 5 of everything. I’m part of a huge numberContinue reading “Top 10: Favorite Movies from the 90s”

Novella Review – Rolling in the Deep by Mira Grant

“Leave the dark places in the sea for fools and explorers.” This is a short story that counts as 0.5 in the “Rolling in the Deep” series. The author also writes books under another name – Seanan McGuire – although when I picked this up, I hadn’t read anything else by her. (I have sinceContinue reading “Novella Review – Rolling in the Deep by Mira Grant”

Book Review – The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury

“When you reach the stars, boy, yes, and live there forever, all the fears will go, and Death himself will die.” I love this story so much – it’s one that I try to pick up every October if I can, ’cause the seasonal magic within the pages puts me in the Halloween mood everyContinue reading “Book Review – The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury”

Book Review – Dead Leaves: 9 Tales from the Witching Season by Kealan Patrick Burke

“Sometimes there’s enough darkness in the world without adding to it under the guise of something pretty.”   Kealan Patrick Burke is one of the very first authors I discovered through the amazing bookstagram community, and he was very quickly added to my “auto-buy authors” list – a list that consists of authors that couldContinue reading “Book Review – Dead Leaves: 9 Tales from the Witching Season by Kealan Patrick Burke”