Senator Wendy Davis: A Real Life Superhero

I typically stay away from talk about politics. It’s not that I have an issue with debate or with arguing or even that I don’t have an opinion and am uninformed — while I am obviously not the most politically driven person in the universe, I do like to stay on top of current eventsContinue reading “Senator Wendy Davis: A Real Life Superhero”

Review: Pop Up

I never planned to post any inflammatory reviews, but this has honestly just gotten under my skin and since they’re so popular, I figured other people may want to know about my experience with From their website: “Pop-Up Tee’s goal is to curate some of the best t-shirt designs from artists around the world.Continue reading “Review: Pop Up”

I’m obsessed with granny squares.

A few weeks ago I found a link to some adorable photos of little squares that had all kinds of colors and shapes to them. I didn’t know anything about crochet, but I loved the way they looked and when I discovered that I could make an entire blanket for our apartment with a bunchContinue reading “I’m obsessed with granny squares.”