The New Girl Inspired Wishlist + $20 off!!

I love ModCloth for too many reasons to count, and recently they emailed me an offer I couldn’t help but share! By clicking the link above and using it to make your purchase, you will save $20 on an order of $50 or more! That means that you’ll get $50+ worth of stuff for only … Continue reading

My 25th Birthday Wishlist!

I love making wishlists, but birthday wishlists are my absolute favorite. For a lot of wishlists I make, I like to group similar items — For instance, a wishlist filled with pretty dresses, or a wishlist of all the books I want to read. But for birthdays, I get to pick and choose from tons … Continue reading

Haul Post: Ulta Sale

Let me preface this blog post by telling you that for my eleventh birthday I received a Britney Spears t-shirt and CD combo pack from my dad, and that my entire bedroom was decked out in pink and white Barbie gear. I was the girliest of little girls, but somewhere between hitting puberty and discovering … Continue reading

Window Shopping: Cupcake Shop Attire

Anyone who knows me knows that my biggest goal is to eventually have my own cupcake shop. It won’t be a chain and it won’t be huge, but it will be adorable and it’ll make me happy. A few nights ago I had Nick sketch out a layout of what I want my cupcake shop … Continue reading

Window Shopping: Dresses

I am not typically a person one would associate with the word “fashionable”. I own more pajama bottoms than jeans and more band t-shirts than blouses. The last time I wore a dress was about five years ago, and my now-gay-but-then-boyfriend told me I looked “stupid”. I developed a sort of phobia for all girl-related … Continue reading