Review Policy

I currently review here on my blog, as well as for the Dead Head Reviews website and the Ladies of Horror Fiction website.

I share photos and reviews of the books I review and receive across all social media, including Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.

Please read this in its entirety before sending your request to ensure that any questions you may have for me aren’t already covered below.

You can reach me by emailing letsgetgalactic (at) gmail (dot) com (preferred method – this helps keep me organized!).

Review Requests: CLOSED*

As of Fall 2020, I am closing review requests. If you are an author I have read/worked with in the past, or a publisher on behalf of an author I have read/worked with in the past, please still contact me via email – I am just closed to new authors and requests at this time. Thank you.


  • All reviews will be honest, regardless of whether or not I enjoyed the book. While I may explain why the particular book didn’t work for me (in the case of negative reviews), I do value the work that goes into the process and would not post anything disrespectful in my review.
  • In the event of half-stars on Goodreads specifically, I always round my rating up. (Example: I give the book 3.5 stars, but mark it as 4 stars on Goodreads due to the website not allowing for half-star ratings)
  • For ARCs, I will do my best to have the reviews posted before the release date (provided the copy is received at least a few weeks in advance)
  • All other copies will not adhere to a specific schedule, unless otherwise agreed upon. If you message me repeatedly asking when I’ll post your review, I will find this very rude and reserve the right to decline the request. While I understand the importance of getting the word out, I also ask that you please understand the importance of my own life outside of book reviews.
  • Physical copies of books take priority, due to the cost of shipping involved in the books being sent to me.
  • See below for differences in review abilities for digital copies versus physical copies of books.
  • Please note that this is a review policy for publishers/authors considering sending their books to reviewers. I am not asking for people to send me links to purchase their books. If I want to buy your book, I will do so – I normally do for my ARCs upon release. However, pressuring me to buy something so that I can review it is not the way to go here.

Guest Posting / Reviews on Other Blogs or Spaces: Feel free to send me a message with your proposal! This includes reviewer interviews, guest review spots, etc. At this time, I am not currently open to guests posts being featured on Let’s Get Galactic since it’s my personal blog, but I am open to writing elsewhere, book tours, podcasts, etc.

Location of Reviews: Physical copies of books will be reviewed on Goodreads & Amazon, as well as receive their own post on my blog and Bookstagram accounts. Physical books will also appear in other photos on Bookstagram & Twitter (shelfies, bookstacks, #bookmail posts, etc). These books take priority in my reading & posting schedule.

Preferred Genres/TitlesHorror, Novellas

Genres I Am Not Currently Accepting Requests ForNon-Fiction, Politics, Religion, Romance, Contemporary

When sending an inquiry, please include the following information:

  • Title, release date, & a brief summary of the book – Goodreads link is great here!
  • Will the copy provided be a Physical or Digital review copy? (Please read notes above regarding the difference in policy!)
  • Anything else you may feel is relevant to the proposal & review. A photo of the book’s cover is lovely, too!

Thank you!

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