Life in Pictures

This is what my life has looked like lately, through the world of Instagram. You can add me on Instagram by clicking here! I dyed my hair red, which is something I’ve done a few times before and hated. I actually love it this time?! It’s very Kate Kane-esque and everyone who knows me knows … Continue reading

Review: Lush Cosmetics’ Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Before moving to Boston, I had never heard of Lush. A new job’s Secret Santa swap paired me up with a girl I knew nothing about, so I asked her boyfriend what she liked and he told me, “Anything from Lush. She LOVES that stuff.” A quick Google Maps search led me to nearby Newbury … Continue reading

Resolutions, 2013

Every year I make a list of very specific resolutions that are more like a chore list of the things I would normally like to do. This makes me feel overwhelmed by them and that results in 80% of them being incomplete the following December. This year I want to focus on living a less … Continue reading

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

I was born and raised in Florida. I’ve spent winters at Disney World sweating my ass off, by the pool, at the beach and surrounded by green grass and palm trees. So when I say that one of my main reasons for moving was to experience a real winter, you should really understand what I … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Updating from my poor little phone has been pretty difficult, so I’m sorry for the lack of posts over the last few months! The good news is that we should be getting a laptop soon, since our desktop computers are still in Florida, so updates will eventually be a bit more regular! 🙂 It’s been … Continue reading

Oh, Christmas Tree!

It’s almost Christmas! I can’t believe the end of 2012 is sneaking up on me so quickly. This year has been a crazy one! This will be Nick and I’s second Christmas together. Last December we were picking strawberries and cutting down our orange scented Florida Christmas tree and this year we’re looking for an … Continue reading

Recipe: Apple Cinnamon Pecan Oatmeal Stuffed Baked Apples

I love apples. LOVE THEM! The stores up here in Boston all have at least 10 different types of apples to choose from; I didn’t even know that many existed! While perusing through the aisles at Barnes & Noble, Nick and I found a booklet filled with all the different kinds of apples that grow … Continue reading

Happy Halloween from Salem!

For Halloween this year, Nick and I drove an hour to Salem, MA so we could go on a few ghost tours and spend a couple of hours in one of the most historically haunted cities in the country. It was so cool — The city is gorgeous and the streets were filled with people … Continue reading

Recipe: Kale & Chive Quinoa Patties

A few months ago I made Quinoa Stuffed Beefsteak Tomatoes for Nick and I during one of our health kicks. Neither of us had ever eaten the strange grain called quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) before, but we loved it. It’s very healthy and full of good things that makes your body happy — Plus, it takes … Continue reading

A Long Absence Pt. 2: Maryland

Nick and I have been so busy since moving! We started working a week ago at a nice little Trader Joe’s in Boston with my awesome friend Manda and have been looking for apartments and stuff since getting here. We left our computers back in Florida so we only have our iPhones (which, I recently … Continue reading