Featured on “Today I Conversed With”!

Nick is really into art and you can usually find him browsing through the recently uploaded stuff on DeviantArt. I created an account back when we first met so I could follow his art stuff like a groupie and also so I could favorite pictures of cupcakes and Batwoman (that’s really all I ever do, … Continue reading

Things I Find on the Internet: Peter Callesen

I love finding different types of art that aren’t the traditional pencil/paint-on-paper types of things. Peter Callesen is a non-traditional artist working with simple white paper being cut to form paper sculptures as his medium. Of his chosen medium, Callesen writes, “The thin white paper gives the paper sculptures a frailty that underlines the tragic … Continue reading

A Hair Journey

I started dyeing my hair when I was fifteen years old. I was super goth-y and super into all that lame ~vampire~ stuff. I thought having red hair sounded ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and I dyed it a crazy, bright, fire engine red color that cheered me up every time I looked in the mirror. That adoration … Continue reading

Guest Blogger Recipe: Kentberry Says!

This recipe is a special one! Sinéad, of Kentberry Says, has stopped by to share a yummy recipe for heavenly Banana Cupcakes! I actually have a banana allergy to contend with, but I couldn’t let that stand in the way of sharing this delicious cupcake recipe with you! Sinéad and I have been longtime long … Continue reading