Artist Feature: Daniele Serra

I’m back at it again with my Artist Features! I’m still super excited about these – being able to show off artists of all types (painting, writing, musical, whatever!) that I love, and share them with people reading my blog, is pretty great. Make sure to check out the blog tag for past Artist Features!Continue reading “Artist Feature: Daniele Serra”

Artist Feature: Jean-Baptiste Courtier

These artist features are so much fun for me to do! I love all kinds of art, from physically drawn/painted stuff, to digital art, to photography, and more! I’m really excited that I can share my favorite art in all its different formats with you, and am so happy the reception to these posts hasContinue reading “Artist Feature: Jean-Baptiste Courtier”

Artist Feature: Peter Callesen

I love finding different types of art that aren’t the traditional pencil/paint-on-paper types of things. Peter Callesen is a non-traditional artist working with simple white paper being cut to form paper sculptures as his medium. Of his chosen medium, Callesen writes, “The thin white paper gives the paper sculptures a frailty that underlines the tragicContinue reading “Artist Feature: Peter Callesen”

Artist Feature: Lindsay Bottos

The internet is filled with things that are really, really awesome. Lindsay Bottos is one of them. She’s an art and photography student from Maryland, and her “The Morning After” and “I Don’t Really Miss You Embroidery” projects are two of her most popular, and for good reason: They’re really fucking cool. The Morning After: ThoughtsContinue reading “Artist Feature: Lindsay Bottos”

Artist Feature: The Life Aquatic with Bruce Mozert

A couple of days ago I Tumblr’d upon some old black and white photos of young people going about their normal, everyday lives in the early 1940s. I guess it would have been cool on its own, in a neat little Pleasantville sort of way, but what made the shots even more interesting was that theyContinue reading “Artist Feature: The Life Aquatic with Bruce Mozert”

Artist Feature: Henry Hargreaves

“Henry Hargreaves is a New Zealand still life, art and fashion photographer working out of his studio in Brooklyn, NYC. ” (Check out the website here!) He has the coolest ideas for projects and shoots them in various ways, making each one more different and inventive than the last. Here are a few of myContinue reading “Artist Feature: Henry Hargreaves”

Artist Feature: Wayne White

I’m very excited to introduce a new feature to my blog! I’ll be featuring random artists that I love (in all kinds of media!), and little bits of their work to hopefully introduce them to other people. I have a whole bunch planned, and can’t wait to show off some amazing stuff. 😀 I recentlyContinue reading “Artist Feature: Wayne White”