Life Lately: August

I didn’t mean for there to be such a large gap between posts, but I’ve had some medical issues for the last month that have kept me pretty busy. We’ll go with the short explanation and say that my wisdom teeth aren’t making me feel very wise, and I have an appointment with an oral … Continue reading

Game Review: The Last of Us (PS3)

Developer: Naughty Dog Genre: Survival horror, action-adventure Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer (online) Perspective: Third person Platform: Playstation 3 Rating: Mature 17+ Final Score: 9/10 Naughty Dog had some big shoes to fill after the success of its Uncharted trilogy (let’s please not also forget Crash, who will forever hold a bandicoot-shaped place in my heart), and if reviews and the fact … Continue reading

Back to School!

I get so caught up with recipes and sharing random things found on the internet that sometimes I forget that, while I do share reviews and stuff, this is still a personal lifestyle blog and as such should be filled with more, you know, personal life! For the last couple of months, I’ve mainly focused … Continue reading

Things I Find on the Internet: Moulin Rouge / Disney Mashup

Don’t you love when one thing leads to another? I stumbled upon this Buzzfeed post thanks to one of my awesome fellow blogger friends (she’s cool, go check her out!), which led me to this artist’s Tumblr, which is filled with really amazing illustrations and artwork! These are my favorites — It’s a Moulin Rouge inspired … Continue reading

Window Shopping: Cupcake Shop Attire

Anyone who knows me knows that my biggest goal is to eventually have my own cupcake shop. It won’t be a chain and it won’t be huge, but it will be adorable and it’ll make me happy. A few nights ago I had Nick sketch out a layout of what I want my cupcake shop … Continue reading

Project 365: August 20 – September 3

My favorite Saturday this summer.

Nick and I have some amazing weekends. Need examples? Try clicking HERE, HERE or even HERE. We love spending weekends together, and when I found out that I’ll be working two Saturdays of every month in addition to my Monday-Friday schedule, I was worried it’d give us less time to spend together on our weekend adventures. Last … Continue reading

Project 365: August 14 – August 19


Apartment Tour: The Office

When Nick and I first decided to move in together, we agreed that we had too much combined to fit into a one-bedroom apartment. Since then, we’ve both gotten rid of a considerable amount of clutter, but we still have quite a few belongings so we thought that having a two bedroom apartment would work … Continue reading

Project 365: August 1 – August 13

I have a bad habit of trying the same things over and over again, despite how unsuccessfully my last attempt may have been. I like to pretend that this means I’m ambitious and determined, but it probably just means I’m crazy. Either way! Here’s the first entry to my newest attempt at completing the infamous … Continue reading