My July 2020: What I Did, What I Read, What I Watched, What I Played

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to sit down and write an actual monthly wrap-up. I’ve spent a lot of time recently trying to maintain a lot of different things against my better judgement, and this week, recently cut out one of the biggest drains on my mental health – and I’m soContinue reading “My July 2020: What I Did, What I Read, What I Watched, What I Played”

Weekend Wrap-Up: June 9, 2019

What a week! I’ve had such a busy last few days, but I can’t complain about much other than this stupid muscle in my neck/shoulder I pulled. D: I’ve started my third and fourth current jobs recently, and I finally feel like I sort of know what I’m doing with them, which is pretty great!Continue reading “Weekend Wrap-Up: June 9, 2019”

2018: A Recap of the Year

I can’t believe this year is already almost over! For the last couple of years, I’ve felt like they’ve sort of dragged on in a “oh my god when will this end” sort of way, but 2018 wasn’t all that bad. In fact, I accomplished a lot, and pushed myself to even do things IContinue reading “2018: A Recap of the Year”