My Top 20 Reads of 2021

Anyone else struggling to accept the fact that we’re already in 2022? The last two years have felt like a blur honestly – where is the time going?! If I look back at the books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched, things I’ve drawn, etc – obviously, there’s been some stuff going on, but it stillContinue reading “My Top 20 Reads of 2021”

10 of My Most Recommended Recent Horror Books

How long has it been since I’ve come at you all with a brand new book listicle?! Too long, or maybe just long enough – giving myself permission to stop blogging & reviewing books this year has done so much for my mental health, and for my productivity! I realized I was pressuring myself to splitContinue reading “10 of My Most Recommended Recent Horror Books”

5 Spooky Books Featuring Terrifying Technology

What are your favorite tropes in horror? I love when technology either goes bad, or acts as a vessel for spooky stuff to happen. Haunted telephones, games only playable on the ‘dark web’, killer podcasts, and more – I love when modern technology especially plays a big part in a story! Futuristic stuff can beContinue reading “5 Spooky Books Featuring Terrifying Technology”

The Spooks and Tea Readathon!

My pal Lauren over at Northern Plunder is co-hosting another fun readathon this year all through October, and I’m so excited to be joining in! Some details are below, but head over to the original announcement post for more on how to participate! The readathon will have two fun components – a Bingo Board (withContinue reading “The Spooks and Tea Readathon!”