Welcome, Rayden Eli!

I have very exciting news!! My nephew was born this weekend! ūüėÄ Please say hello to little Rayden! Weighing in at 6 lbs 8 oz and a lanky length of 19.5 inches, he’s the most beautiful little baby ever! He was born with a full head of beautiful dark hair and a face just like … Continue reading

And we are far from home but we’re so happy.

Yes, that’s right! I know this is the first I’ve mentioned and it seems crazy and drastic and insane and out-of-nowhere, but I’m so excited! Nick lost his job this past week, and while that really sucks and is bad and stuff, it’s also kind of a blessing. It was a dead end job with … Continue reading

I’m obsessed with granny squares.

A few weeks ago I found a link to some adorable photos of little squares that had all kinds of colors and shapes to them. I didn’t know anything about crochet, but I loved the way they looked and when I discovered that I could make an entire blanket for our apartment with a bunch … Continue reading

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Us! :D

It has officially been a year since Nick and I went on our very first date together. I simultaneously feel like the time has gone by too quickly and too slowly; I feel as if so much has happened and that we’ve experience so many different things together that it’s crazy to think it’s only … Continue reading

There’s No Place Like Home

It’s about time I did a complete tour of our apartment. We’ve lived here for almost six months and it’s finally begun to look like a place that we live rather than a place we just happen to be squatting in temporarily. Our kitchen, office and bathroom are completely done as far as I’m concerned, … Continue reading

Weekend Dates – Miniature Golf and Sushi!

Last weekend was a pretty hard one for Nick and I. We fought a lot, I was really grumpy, we couldn’t eat meat and we just weren’t really very tolerable to be around. On Saturday, though, we decided to just stop fighting already and go out and have fun! We got these tickets on Groupon … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary! AKA How I Met Nick

On September 16, Nick and I will be spending the day celebrating our one year anniversary. I feel like we’ve been through so many different things that it must have been much longer than just a year by now, but the dates speak for themselves. We crammed so much into such a short time span, … Continue reading

Labor Day Weekend 2012

I can honestly say that I’ve never had a memorable Labor Day weekend. I’m sure I must have celebrated the holiday in some fashion, but I honestly can’t think of ¬†any of my past Labor Days from my entire life. I’d like to preserve this one though, you see. It was full of pretty things … Continue reading

My favorite Saturday this summer.

Nick and I have some amazing weekends. Need examples? Try clicking¬†HERE, HERE¬†or even HERE. We love spending weekends together, and when I found out that I’ll be working two Saturdays of every month in addition to my Monday-Friday schedule, I was worried it’d give us less time to spend together on our weekend adventures. Last … Continue reading

Sake Sundays!

I thrive on impulsivity and¬†decisions¬†that are only thought through 30% of the way. A few days ago I thought it’d be a fun idea to paint my face to look like a sugar skull girl. I have no idea why I felt like doing it or what the point of it would be, but the … Continue reading