An Introduction to Bullet Journaling

  Bullet journaling is one of those things that’s become really popular on social media in the last year or two, and for a lot of good reasons: it’s a versatile system designed for busy people who like to keep track of their lives and thrive on organization. There are LOTS of resources out there … Continue reading

Homemade Falafel Pita Recipe

Since Nick and I are vegetarians for the month, I’ve been looking online and through my favorite blogs for vegetarian recipes that will be filling and help us not miss our juicy steaks so much. I stumbled upon a bunch of falafel recipes and decided to give them a try. We got the tzatziki sauce … Continue reading

Review: Prinstagram – Instagram Photo Printing

I am obsessed with Instagram. I’ve had my perfect little iPhone 4s only since January, but I’ve already uploaded over 2,000 photos to Instagram. Yes, OVER 2,000! It’s addictive, really. Each random snapshot is turned instantly into a vintage type photograph that looks as if it’s been professionally edited and shot — What’s not to be … Continue reading