An Introduction to Bullet Journaling

  Bullet journaling is one of those things that’s become really popular on social media in the last year or two, and for a lot of good reasons: it’s a versatile system designed for busy people who like to keep track of their lives and thrive on organization. There are LOTS of resources out there … Continue reading

Life Lately!

I take so many random daily pictures while doing regular things and I figure I’d start sharing some of my favorite ones here! The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind as summer has started taking a routine that is a bit more relaxed than my school semesters have been. My days off are … Continue reading

Printstagram -> Social Print Studio

Awhile back I wrote a review for Printstagram after placing my first order and was super happy with the quality and customer service of the company. The company behind the printing website, Social Print Studio, has excellent taste in everything visual and super helpful CS people who helped with a minor issue I had on my … Continue reading

Life in Pictures

This is what my life has looked like lately, through the world of Instagram. You can add me on Instagram by clicking here! I dyed my hair red, which is something I’ve done a few times before and hated. I actually love it this time?! It’s very Kate Kane-esque and everyone who knows me knows … Continue reading

A Long Absence Pt. 2: Maryland

Nick and I have been so busy since moving! We started working a week ago at a nice little Trader Joe’s in Boston with my awesome friend Manda and have been looking for apartments and stuff since getting here. We left our computers back in Florida so we only have our iPhones (which, I recently … Continue reading

And we are far from home but we’re so happy.

Yes, that’s right! I know this is the first I’ve mentioned and it seems crazy and drastic and insane and out-of-nowhere, but I’m so excited! Nick lost his job this past week, and while that really sucks and is bad and stuff, it’s also kind of a blessing. It was a dead end job with … Continue reading

Project 365: September 14 – September 30

Instagram photos from the last two weeks!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Us! :D

It has officially been a year since Nick and I went on our very first date together. I simultaneously feel like the time has gone by too quickly and too slowly; I feel as if so much has happened and that we’ve experience so many different things together that it’s crazy to think it’s only … Continue reading

There’s No Place Like Home

It’s about time I did a complete tour of our apartment. We’ve lived here for almost six months and it’s finally begun to look like a place that we live rather than a place we just happen to be squatting in temporarily. Our kitchen, office and bathroom are completely done as far as I’m concerned, … Continue reading

Project 365: September 4 – September 13