Watercolor Recipe: Vegan Elvis Cupcakes

During Sinéad’s visit, we experimented with vegan baking – more experimentation for me, since I hadn’t baked something intentionally vegan more than a time or two and a lot of fun for Sinéad since we decided to “wing it” with our measurements. As such, here is a one-of-a-kind (each time, lol) sort of recipe that is … Continue reading

Sinéad’s Visit to Florida – Part 3 + Jack’s Visit!

This is the last part of my series on Sinéad’s visit and it makes me sad that it’s almost over — I’m glad I have so many pictures to remember it! 😀 Aside from eating at various new vegan places, visiting magical Harry Potter Land, drinking lots of coffee, baking cupcakes and “scooping lefts”, we also … Continue reading

Sinéad’s Visit to Florida – Part 2

This entry has been a long time coming! It’s been 9 months now since my beloved Sinéad visited me, and I still haven’t shared everything from her trip – a travesty on my part, to be perfectly honest. I have been incredibly busy, but that’s no excuse – I have to share the amazing selfies and … Continue reading

Sinéad’s Visit to Florida – Part 1

I am so behind on posting this, and that sort of happens a lot. I normally feel bad about it and offer a short apology or reason, but this time I’ll just be up front about what it is: I have a pretty terrible anxiety disorder, and it sometimes allows me to convince myself that … Continue reading

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015!

Here it is again – the infamous “New Year’s Resolutions/End of the Year” post! Gym sales team members everywhere are preparing for their big bonuses over the next month as people flock to create better versions of themselves while spouting slogans such as “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!”   Instead of some huge list of ways … Continue reading

Welcome to 2014 – Blog Focus, Goals and Updates!

It’s been almost a month since my last update, and as the first official update of 2014, I’d like to wish everyone reading this a very happy New Year! I hope you’re all still on track with your goals and that this year has started out great for each and every one of you! I … Continue reading

Inside My Caboodle

I’ve been very sick with a tooth infection for the better part of the last week, resulting in a hospital visit and a lot of missed work. My mom always told me growing up that tooth pain was the worst pain she’d ever experience, even after having my brothers and I, and that she’d willingly … Continue reading

Local Review: Phillip’s Candy House

Sometimes, Nick and I take a wrong turn and while fumbling with and cursing the new Apple Maps, we discover something wonderful. It could be a field of snow or a climbable rock formation or even a small lake that has a smooth and perfect surface for skipping stones. And sometimes, it is a brightly … Continue reading

Book Thrifting

Nick and I have been scouring the greater Boston area for the better half of the last week in search of new books at hugely discounted prices. We found a large used book superstore last night and got a bunch of cheap, new books to add to our growing collection, as well as quite a … Continue reading

A Word from Astrid

Hello! My name is Astrid and I’m a 2010 Toyota Corolla. My mommy and daddy have had me for almost one whole year! He bought me for mommy because she had never had a car and was working really hard on researching which one would be best for her — And she picked me!! The … Continue reading