Baylie’s 18th Birthday Weekend

Back in July I visited my younger brother Baylie for the last time before moving across the country. The visit doubled as a “goodbye” and as a birthday visit since he was turning 18, and it was also an opportunity for me to see his new home and where he lived up in Jacksonville!   … Continue reading

Happy 15th Birthday, Baylie!

Last Tuesday was my younger brother’s 15th birthday! It’s crazy that he’s already so far into being a teenager — I still remember him being in diapers and dancing around our house to Blue’s Clues whilst talking to our picture frames. (It was cute, even if it sounds kind of creepy, I swear!) Our mom … Continue reading

Recipe: Rosemary + Citrus Cookies

Finally, the third part of my “I love rosemary” extravaganza!  This is also the second dessert-type recipe I’ve made, and none of them have included any beef or lamb or pork or any meat at all! I’m not saying that it isn’t DELICIOUS on a fat slab of carcass, but what I am saying is that … Continue reading

Review: Concrete Minerals (+ Swatches!)

I have only very recently gotten into makeup, and one of the biggest challenges for me has been finding decent eyeshadows, and applying them without looking like a crazy clown freak. I am still learning, and my most recently shadow purchase has been from an independent cosmetics company called Concrete Minerals, which has been around … Continue reading

Instaweek: 4

Fourth Week of July I’m apparently terrible at sticking to deadlines on my blog. I said I’d update this every weekend but it’s usually not until around Wednesday that I actually get the post up. Maybe I’ll start doing them a little in advance and schedule ahead of time so it posts on its own? … Continue reading

Window Shopping: Dresses

I am not typically a person one would associate with the word “fashionable”. I own more pajama bottoms than jeans and more band t-shirts than blouses. The last time I wore a dress was about five years ago, and my now-gay-but-then-boyfriend told me I looked “stupid”. I developed a sort of phobia for all girl-related … Continue reading

Sundays Are Beautiful!

I’ll start off by first telling you that up until very recently, Sundays were my least favorite day of the week. I would probably go so far as to say that I hated Sundays even — Lots of people were out in weird church clothes, stores closed early (if they were even open that day at all) … Continue reading

Top 5 Friday: Favorite Lines from Poetry

Like most gothy, angst-filled teenagers dealing with the stress of high school, I turned to writing and poetry when I was sixteen to help alleviate some of the pressure I felt that I was under. It lasted for about 6 years, where I’d write furiously and carry a composition notebook around with me everywhere I … Continue reading

Instaweek: 3

Third Week of July I know this is a little late! I’m sorry! Samurai Knot! Channa Masala!

I like to paint my nails.

I’ve been trying to free up some space on my iPhone and my computer by going through old photos and deleting what I don’t need. This was a mistake. I have entirely too many photographs. I take too many pictures. I should be shot. Seriously. There are over 8,000 pictures from just the last six … Continue reading