25+ of the Best Movies I Watched in 2020

I mentioned in this long, rambling post that I’d be making some changes around here, and this post is the start! I’ve made “Top 10” themed lists for movies I’ve loved in the past, but since I plan to introduce a lot more film / video game content to my blog moving forward, I thoughtContinue reading “25+ of the Best Movies I Watched in 2020”

Top 10: Favorite Movies from the 90s

There’s a pretty huge list of things I ‘like’; I’d definitely say I was easy to please media wise (picky af eater though, let me tell you!), but I do have specific favorites. Of them all, the 90s as a whole is probably somewhere in the Top 5 of everything. I’m part of a huge numberContinue reading “Top 10: Favorite Movies from the 90s”

Just the Tips: 4 Ways You Can Read More Books This Year

For the month of January, I read a total of 20 books. This is a pretty good amount (although my personal best is 25, so I’m still aiming higher 😂), especially considering that my overall goal for total books read in 2020 is set at 50. I’m asked so often about my reading, and aboutContinue reading “Just the Tips: 4 Ways You Can Read More Books This Year”

5 Addictive PC Games I Can’t Stop Playing

One of the things I plan to keep including that I started posting more about in 2019 are video games! I’ve been a big fan of video games for my entire life, and most of my childhood was spent either reading books, or playing video games with my younger brothers. In recent years, I’ve switchedContinue reading “5 Addictive PC Games I Can’t Stop Playing”

Thursday 10: Horror Authors to Read if You Love Stephen King

Alright, so before I go into the list, I want to start this off by saying that the recommendations in this blog post are not identical copies of Stephen King, his writing, or his books. The point of this list is to open a few more horror doors to those of you whose only experience inContinue reading “Thursday 10: Horror Authors to Read if You Love Stephen King”

Top 10 Book Favorites of 2017

I love reading – everything about it! Stories, worlds, characters, bookstores, new book smell, finding written notes on old pages, rereading something and it hitting me the same way it did the very first time — I’ve learned so much from books and have been an avid reader my entire life. My favorite genres haveContinue reading “Top 10 Book Favorites of 2017”