Top 10 Book Favorites of 2017

I love reading – everything about it! Stories, worlds, characters, bookstores, new book smell, finding written notes on old pages, rereading something and it hitting me the same way it did the very first time — I’ve learned so much from books and have been an avid reader my entire life. My favorite genres have … Continue reading

Tuesday 10: My Favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episodes

To help with the regularity of my posts, I wanted to create a weekly feature that had to go up even when I didn’t feel like writing anything else. I love lists and I love organization, so what better feature to include than a top ten list? I’m also pretty fond of alliteration, so Tuesday … Continue reading

Review: HabitRPG | Gamify Your Life

I am the kind of person who loves lists. I’m pretty sure that at one point I have made a list of categories for my lists so as to keep track of them. I’m really organized and if “really good ability to follow through and check things off lists” were something I could put on … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Buy Eminem’s New CD – A Semi-Review of the Marshall Mathers LP 2

My taste in music has always been a little… Diverse. Growing up, my parents didn’t live together so I would go from listening to NWA and reggae with my mom to Metallica and then, later, country music with my dad. I’ve always listened to almost everything equally, and one of my all-time favorite musicians is … Continue reading

Five by Five – Quarter-Century Goals

I love goals and lists and am too ambitious for my own good, it’s true! Every December I make a list of goals for myself for the new year, and every year they’re forgotten by March! To break the cycle, I’ve decided to start my “new year” immediately following my birthday — I personally think … Continue reading

The Perks of Being Floridian

The perpetual summer may seem tempting, but if your idea of summer isn’t stepping into a giant, moist arm pit every time you walk out of your apartment, then you should probably move to California or New Mexico. I don’t know, whatever. Anyway! Pictures of Hogwarts!

Monthly Recap: September!

I love September. Not only is it the month of my birth, but it also marks the beginning of autumn, which is probably my absolute favorite season. This particular September has been packed with fun times and lots of good memories. My birthday party was great, and Nick made sure to help make the entire … Continue reading

25 Things Before I Turn 25!

Another year, another list! This is my list of 25 things I want to finish within the next 365 days.

Top 5 Friday: Favorite Albums

In addition to my Instaweek feature, I wanted to have something else I could update with weekly that would be fun for me to write as well as neat to look back on later and see how I’ve changed. I decided that the easiest thing to write about would be things I like — And I love making … Continue reading