Recently Obsessed: Spring

Sometimes there are things I’m really excited about but they don’t warrant a full blog post of their own. I thought it’d be fun to group these together in a regular blog post thing that I can share as frequently – or infrequently ūüėČ – as I’d like. From books to movies to places to … Continue reading

Book Review – The Night Circus

Title:¬†The Night Circus Author:¬†Erin Morgenstern Publisher:¬†Doubleday, 2011 Pages: Paperback Edition, 528 pages Rating:¬†5/5 Erin Morgenstern is a literary¬†confectioner,¬† creating¬†environments¬†and characters that appeal to many of the senses with their delicious and decadent imagery through her superb use of the English language. She weaves a tale of magic and mystery, with enough tragedy and romance to … Continue reading