25+ of the Best Movies I Watched in 2020

I mentioned in this long, rambling post that I’d be making some changes around here, and this post is the start! I’ve made “Top 10” themed lists for movies I’ve loved in the past, but since I plan to introduce a lot more film / video game content to my blog moving forward, I thoughtContinue reading “25+ of the Best Movies I Watched in 2020”

Thursday 10: Favorite Movies That Are Totally About Sports

Alright, I’m not a big sports person, I’ll admit it. I’m not especially coordinated (like, I have fallen over before by just sort of… standing still), and I have a very short attention span unless I’m actively engaged, so unless I’m at an actual LIVE sporting event (I’m not picky on the actual sport, justContinue reading “Thursday 10: Favorite Movies That Are Totally About Sports”

Learning to Paint

I recently realized that I’m going on almost 9 months since I decided that I wanted to try watercolor painting, and I haven’t really posted much about it on my blog! Nothing specific prompted me to pick up a new hobby – I’ve always liked the idea of painting, but I’m not especially talented inContinue reading “Learning to Paint”

Film Review: Silent House (2012)

The younger (and infinitely more talented) sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen stars in directors Chris Kentis and Laura Lau’s English adaptation of Gustavo Hernandez’ Uruguayan film of the same name, whose screenplay is reportedly based on a true story from the 1940s. Elizabeth Olsen stars in the psychological thriller as Sarah, a pretty butContinue reading “Film Review: Silent House (2012)”