Goodbye, 2016!

Yesterday I spent almost an hour writing a really long, heartfelt post about my 2016, believing that being positive in the face of all the negativity of the year would start 2017 off on the “right foot”. After typing paragraphs of what I’m grateful for and have accomplished this last year and then scouring every … Continue reading

Goodbye, Disney World

I’ll be doing a post on the places I miss the most from Florida since moving, but Disney World deserves a post of its own!   I was a grateful and proud owner of a WDW annual pass and was able to visit the theme parks regularly – something that isn’t so easy now that … Continue reading

Hello From the Other Side (Of the Country!)

I have so much to update with, but I want to give each new thing its own post so the many amazing things that have been going on can get the attention they deserve. Before I start a big slew of back logged photo posts however, I did want to at least announce the biggest thing … Continue reading

To break and to rebuild

I realized that I haven’t had much in the way of an actual update in awhile. I’ve mostly been trying to spend my time sorting through things I thought we had left behind, and trying to pick up the broken pieces of my life that were left when I moved up north last year. This … Continue reading

A Long Absence Pt. 3: The First Week

Here are three things I’ve learned since leaving Florida: 1) Parallel parking is difficult. The Florida driving test doesn’t require it because there isn’t much street parking in the state, but there are almost no parking lots up here! Everyone parks on the sides of the streets. I haven’t done it yet (tbh, I don’t … Continue reading

A Long Absence Pt. 2: Maryland

Nick and I have been so busy since moving! We started working a week ago at a nice little Trader Joe’s in Boston with my awesome friend Manda and have been looking for apartments and stuff since getting here. We left our computers back in Florida so we only have our iPhones (which, I recently … Continue reading

5 Things I’m Excited About Doing Once I Move (and a recap of Fall TV?)

I’ve never had such a stressful time moving before. Between packing, planning and replanning, hosting a going away party and trying to find a place to live once we move, I’ve gone from casually neurotic to positively insane. No regrets, though. I’m more excited now than ever, and after a few misplannings, it seems like … Continue reading

And we are far from home but we’re so happy.

Yes, that’s right! I know this is the first I’ve mentioned and it seems crazy and drastic and insane and out-of-nowhere, but I’m so excited! Nick lost his job this past week, and while that really sucks and is bad and stuff, it’s also kind of a blessing. It was a dead end job with … Continue reading