Happy Halloween 2013!

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! My little brother and my sister-in-law (along with my sweet newborn nephew!) came over to spend the night with Nick and I. We played video games and ate pizza and I used a ton of leftover small eyeliner bites for a last second 20-minute “costume”. 😀 This is … Continue reading

In Memory of Sean Hartter: 1973 – 2013

The internet is an amazing thing. Not only are you able to access an almost limitless database of knowledge and factoids, listen to music, watch television and stay up to date on current events, but on certain occasions, you may also be privy to meeting someone whom you wouldn’t otherwise meet, and having that person touch … Continue reading

Book Thrifting

Nick and I have been scouring the greater Boston area for the better half of the last week in search of new books at hugely discounted prices. We found a large used book superstore last night and got a bunch of cheap, new books to add to our growing collection, as well as quite a … Continue reading