Soupa Saiyan – Restaurant Review

Before moving from Florida, I made a short list of places I wanted to either revisit before leaving or visit for the first time to experience. Among places like Disney World and my favorite Starbucks were little restaurants that I’d heard about but hadn’t gotten to try. Orlando has a surprising amount of really good … Continue reading

Goodbye, Disney World

I’ll be doing a post on the places I miss the most from Florida since moving, but Disney World deserves a post of its own!   I was a grateful and proud owner of a WDW annual pass and was able to visit the theme parks regularly – something that isn’t so easy now that … Continue reading

Pirates and Legos and Dali, oh my!

When I was a teenager, I spent more time playing computer games and on the internet or with my head in a book than I did hanging out with people my age. I wasn’t an antisocial or socially awkward – I just didn’t have reliable transportation, and the favored past time of “hanging out at the … Continue reading

MegaCon Weekend!

As a Christmas present for my 15-year-old-brother, Baylie, I told him I’d take him to the following year’s MegaCon – A convention specializing in everything from comics and anime to video games and science fiction. Everyone can find something there, and for the last few years that I’ve gone, I’ve had an amazing time and even met … Continue reading

Avalon’s 5th Annual Hippy Holidays Celebration!

Earlier this month, Nick and I took a Saturday afternoon and went to a local festival hosted by a nearby shop that specializes in spirituality, stones, herbs and other cool Pagan-friendly stuff. They have a really helpful staff, tons of books and loads of neat things to look at! It’s one of my most favorite … Continue reading

Local Review: Hotto Potto

Location: 3090 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 32792 Hours: Mon-Thurs (11a – 2a), Fri-Sat (11a – 5a), Sun (11 – 12a) Price: $$ Score: A I am of the firm belief that if you try something and hate it, you should probably try it again a few years later. As you age, tastes in things change and things you’ve … Continue reading

Happy Halloween 2013!

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! My little brother and my sister-in-law (along with my sweet newborn nephew!) came over to spend the night with Nick and I. We played video games and ate pizza and I used a ton of leftover small eyeliner bites for a last second 20-minute “costume”. 😀 This is … Continue reading

Winner winner lobster dinner!

For months and months and months Nick and I have been saying we want to go to this all-you-can-eat lobster buffet on I-Drive, which is this crazy popular tourist-y strip close to the theme parks. This month, for my birthday, I got a whole slew of coupons for theme parks and dinner places around here … Continue reading

The Perks of Being Floridian

The perpetual summer may seem tempting, but if your idea of summer isn’t stepping into a giant, moist arm pit every time you walk out of your apartment, then you should probably move to California or New Mexico. I don’t know, whatever. Anyway! Pictures of Hogwarts!

Weekend Dates – Miniature Golf and Sushi!

Last weekend was a pretty hard one for Nick and I. We fought a lot, I was really grumpy, we couldn’t eat meat and we just weren’t really very tolerable to be around. On Saturday, though, we decided to just stop fighting already and go out and have fun! We got these tickets on Groupon … Continue reading