Goodbye, 2016!

Yesterday I spent almost an hour writing a really long, heartfelt post about my 2016, believing that being positive in the face of all the negativity of the year would start 2017 off on the “right foot”. After typing paragraphs of what I’m grateful for and have accomplished this last year and then scouring every … Continue reading

Monthly Recap: September!

I love September. Not only is it the month of my birth, but it also marks the beginning of autumn, which is probably my absolute favorite season. This particular September has been packed with fun times and lots of good memories. My birthday party was great, and Nick made sure to help make the entire … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary! AKA How I Met Nick

On September 16, Nick and I will be spending the day celebrating our one year anniversary. I feel like we’ve been through so many different things that it must have been much longer than just a year by now, but the dates speak for themselves. We crammed so much into such a short time span, … Continue reading