Tips For the Holidays (Or Why You Should Stop Complaining About Black Friday and Be Thankful Instead)

I am honestly astounded by the strange sense of entitlement people seem to have today. I’ve seen so many statuses and shared articles about Black Friday — moreso than I feel I’ve ever seen before around this time of the year. I’ve figured out that it’s because two stores notorious for participating and being crazy … Continue reading

Haul Post: Ulta Sale

Let me preface this blog post by telling you that for my eleventh birthday I received a Britney Spears t-shirt and CD combo pack from my dad, and that my entire bedroom was decked out in pink and white Barbie gear. I was the girliest of little girls, but somewhere between hitting puberty and discovering … Continue reading

Introducing… Cassie’s Cake Poppery & Cupcakery!

I finally have my little shop up and running! It’s open to the public, and what’s even better is that we have a From now until SEPTEMBER 1st, all orders of cake pops will be So if you place a 12 count cake pop order for $18, you can get another 12 cake pops for only $9 … Continue reading