Things I Find on the Internet: Disney Villain Perfume Designs

I love Disney themed things! Growing up in Florida, Disney World was one of those things that you just kind of lived with. It wasn’t uncommon to see whole sections of the grocery store promoting Mickey’s Spooky Halloween or whatever they have going on at any given time, and Disney movies featured stories and characters … Continue reading

Haul Post: Ulta Sale

Let me preface this blog post by telling you that for my eleventh birthday I received a Britney Spears t-shirt and CD combo pack from my dad, and that my entire bedroom was decked out in pink and white Barbie gear. I was the girliest of little girls, but somewhere between hitting puberty and discovering … Continue reading

Styleboard: The Boyfriend Look, Inspired By Kate Walsh

I love Kate Walsh. I’ve loved her since the first time I saw her, popping up out of nowhere on Grey’s Anatomy with her gorgeous red hair and ruining poor, plain Meredith’s day. When she left for the coast in search of a Private Practice, I followed diligently behind her, and now that she has a new … Continue reading